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My Story is Boring

My Story is Boring

A common sentiment among people when they write stories is that their life - to that point - is boring, or just like everyone else's.

While it may appear that is the case, and social media tends to create an illusion that everyone else has a more exciting life, it certainly is not. So how can you feel comfortable sharing stories about your life?

Try telling one of these stories to your child (or grandchild). Ideally, this child is about 5-10 years old, but if they're a little older, it's okay.

Pick one of these stories to tell them, and see how they respond.
  1. Tell them about the things they did as a baby. What did they eat (or not eat), what was their bedtime routine?
  2. Tell them about family pets that were around before the child was born.
  3. The story of the day they were born. Include details of the time, the length of labor and delivery, reactions from siblings, parents, and grandparents. You can even talk about seemingly mundane details like, “what did daddy eat for lunch?”

These are ordinary, everyday things that seem largely forgettable, but watch the child's reaction as you share it. The story is captivating, and they usually will want to know more.

The lesson here is clear: Even day-to-day stories ARE interesting to people who love you. They may seem mundane to you; that's because you went through them as part of your day-to-day life. Your daily life - or even “daily grind” - is different from other's, so there are most certainly people who want to know your stories.

Don't be afraid to share.


Photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash